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We are located less than 15 minutes from St. Louis, Missouri in Columbia, Illinois. We are comprised of Diamond Wholesalers, Buyers, Jewelry Manufactures, Retailers, Buyers from the Public, and Appraisers. We choose partnership with these companies within the jewelry industry because they share our core business principles of putting the customer first and providing them with fine jewelry at about half the price of competitors!

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KAT TAAKE Custom Jewelry understands that buying fine jewelry can be a daunting task. We will act as your personal tour guide through the jewelry jungles of the world. If you are looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring, anniversary band, or any other piece of fine jewelry, we will walk with you hand in hand every step of the way. Contact us today for a private consultation.

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81ct-cetnerstone81ct GIA Centerstone

with a t.c.w. of 1.10


regular price $5900

About Us

If you are looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring, anniversary band, or any other piece of fine jewelry… you have a number of options from which to choose. You can buy your diamond from a mall store, internet diamond seller or local jeweler. Deciding where to shop can be as difficult as deciding on the right diamond. To help make things easier, you now have an additional choice for buying your diamond. You can choose to use a diamond broker… ME!

My name is KIMMY TAAKE. I have had always had a passion for fine jewelry, and in 2013 decided to officially become a Broker. I created KAT TAAKE Custom Jewelry shortly thereafter. Our office is located less than 15 minutes from Saint Louis, Missouri in Columbia, Illinois.

I invite you to set up an appointment and learn what I can do for you.
Please call 618-698-0270.
I guarantee you will be saying… Finally… Fine Jewelry for Less!

There are many reasons to use a broker, but two of the most popular are:

DIAMOND BROKERS ARE YOUR AGENTS – It can be said that it is better buying diamonds through a diamond broker. We are considered your representatives in helping you find a great diamond of high quality and value. I do not actually own the diamonds; but do have relationships with a host of different sources. Because of these close relationships I am able to purchase your diamond as close to wholesale as possible, thus saving you thousands of dollars.

TIME SAVING – I can save you a lot of time. You know what you want… even if you don’t know the technical terms for the weight, color, clarity and cut of the gem you have in mind. Have a picture of your dream jewelry piece? I can locate one that will meet your budget and specifications. You can view the piece before ever purchasing it. This makes it convenient for you and takes the risk of you paying for something you don’t want out of the picture. This process saves you the time and frustration of visiting various stores, looking at diamonds and comparing diamond reports and prices. With so many benefits associated with buying diamonds from brokers, it is no wonder we are growing in popularity.